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An Analysis of the Effectiveness of College English Education Reform Strategies from a Multicultural Perspective

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.029


Meng Youqing

Corresponding Author

Meng Youqing


Many cultures collide with each other in the world, and the phenomenon of cultural integration is ineviTable. Therefore, at present, some frontier universities in China begin to teach with the idea of multicultural teaching. However, whether the multi-cultural teaching scheme proposed by universities matches the students' acceptance and learning abilities remains to be further verified. Based on this, this paper aims at the existing strategies for the reform of English multicultural education in colleges and universities, including the establishment of a multicultural impression, the establishment of an independent exploration system, and the establishment of a long-term exploration organization. This paper analyses the effect of the reform from three aspects: learning initiative, learning strategy and academic achievement, in order to help colleges and universities formulate more suiTable teaching programs for students.


Multicultural; College English; Educational reform; Strategic effect