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An Explanation of the Heroic Images in Shakespeare's Tragedies

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DOI: 10.25236/humal.2017.28


Tian Miaomiao

Corresponding Author

Tian Miaomiao


Shakespeare enjoys great popularity in world history of literature, and his tragedy works are household names. Shakespeare has written 39 plays in his life, including 10 tragedies. In the tragedies, Shakespeare described numerous heroes with distinct but different personalities, such as Hamlet, the prince of Denmark, who tried to revenge for his father but went through numerous difficulties, the emperor Macbeth who became atrocious in the pursuit of benefits and status, as well as Othello who suspected that his wife cheated on him because of his shortcomings in characteristics. However, who impressed me most is King Lear who came to his senses all of a sudden.


Shakespeare; Hero; Tragedy