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The Method of Cultivating College Students' Cultural Connotations in the Teaching of Ancient Literature Course

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.026


Li Guangkuan

Corresponding Author

Li Guangkuan


Under the situation of the Internet, the education industry has undoubtedly been greatly impacted. Traditional teaching methods are no longer suiTable for the present stage of higher education, which is difficult to meet the needs of social development and needs to be changed urgently. Through the analysis of the cultural connotations of ancient literature teaching, this paper finds out that the traditional teaching methods have some deficiencies in cultivating the cultural connotations of College students, including the inadequate pre-class preparation, the simplification of teaching methods, the inefficiency of consolidating knowledge after class, and the lack of literary aesthetics in the current ancient literature teaching. Then it puts forward four solutions: establishing a pluralistic assessment system, reforming relevant teaching contents, renewing classroom teaching methods, and improving teachers' teaching ability of ancient literature.


Ancient literature; Course teaching; Higher education; Cultural connotation