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Analysis and Application of Emotional Factors in Product Design

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DOI: 10.25236/humal.2017.27


Luo Lihe

Corresponding Author

Luo Lihe


Chinese economy has been developing rapidly ever since reform and opening up, and people's living standard is also improving day by day. Therefore, the quality of people's material life has been rising greatly, and people's demands on product design have been increasingly higher, which on the one hand, is represented in the design of product functions and appearance; on the other hand, it is represented in emotional factors of product design. The existence of emotional factors in product design is an important factor that makes the product different from everything else and it endows the product with vitality; in the meantime, it can arouse people's acknowledgement and favor to product design to the greatest extent. Under such circumstances, analysis and application of emotional factors in product design becomes important. This paper mainly states how to express different emotions and endow them with vitality and creativity by product design from the perspective of specific presentation of emotional factors of product design. Introduction: With Chinese economy leaping to be the world's second largest economy, the quality of people's life has become increasingly higher, and the expression of people's emotions is also becoming increasingly more individual. Therefore, product is not merely to satisfy consumers' basic usage functions, it is more about presenting oneself and expressing oneself by emotions presented in product design. In such background, product design for emotional appeal is born at the right moment. After expressing emotional appeal by different design philosophies, people's demands on product individuation have been higher and higher. Therefore, product subdivision becomes more subdivided gradually.


Product; Design; Emotion