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Analysis of the Implementation Mechanism of Modern Apprenticeship System for Tourism Management Major in Higher Vocational Colleges Based on citespace Data

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.014


Wang Xiangyan

Corresponding Author

Wang Xiangyan


Modern apprenticeship system is a vocational education mode of cooperation between schools and enterprises, and it is also a new type of vocational education mode of cultivating applied talents. The implementation of modern apprenticeship evaluation system for tourism management major in higher vocational colleges should grasp the key points such as enrollment, personnel training plan formulation, teacher construction, curriculum setting, employment destination and so on, so as to realize the docking of teaching process and production process. Integration of industry and education is an important guiding ideology for the development of modern vocational education in our country. Deepening integration of industry and education can promote the organic connection between education system and industrial system, which is of great significance to the development of vocational education in our country and even the whole economy and society. As a highly practical specialty, Tourism Management Specialty in higher vocational colleges should seize this opportunity and actively promote the reform of modern apprenticeship system. Based on CiteSpace data analysis, this paper summarizes the characteristics of modern apprenticeship, introduces the specific application of modern apprenticeship, and puts forward its own opinions and Thoughts on its further development.


Modern Apprenticeship; Tourism Management; Citespace Data Analysis