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Analysis of Teaching Approaches of Practical Writing in Teachers' Colleges Based on Communicative Context

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.012


Hou Changkai

Corresponding Author

Hou Changkai


In higher vocational colleges, practical writing is an important course in the teaching system. It is also an important skill that a higher vocational student should master. It is also one of the core of training high-skilled talents and humanistic quality. Practical writing ability plays a good role in improving students' practical ability in Higher Vocational colleges. Higher vocational colleges are important places for training high-quality applied talents. In order to better promote the employment of graduates, it is necessary to comprehensively strengthen the cultivation of students' practical writing skills and application ability. However, the traditional educational concept has certain defects and deficiencies. Higher vocational colleges should change their teaching concept in time, innovate teaching methods, and effectively improve students' practical writing ability.


Communicative Context; Practical Writing; Teaching Method