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Research on Geographical Form and Evolution of Ancient Chinese Literature Based on Professional Ability Training

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.011


Tan Gaofeng

Corresponding Author

Tan Gaofeng


The course of ancient Chinese literature takes the history of literary development and its literary works as its teaching content. It should have modern value in carrying forward the fine tradition of national culture and making the past serve the present. The interpretation of literary works from the perspective of culture, the combination of intensive classroom teaching and moderate teaching practice, and the use of network course teaching platform to implement expansive teaching, make the core curriculum reform and professional construction combined. For contemporary college students, the social life reflected in ancient literary works is remote and strange, and many ancient writers' ideas are difficult for them to understand and agree with. Educators should guide students to think about problems related to real life so as to give full play to the special educational function of ancient literature courses. This article focuses on the key problems that the teaching of ancient Chinese literature in colleges and universities should deal with in the process of exerting the subject advantages and promoting the cultivation of professional ability in the 21st century characterized by knowledge economy.


Micro Course; Badminton; Modernization; Teaching