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Experimental Study on Balance Ability of Aerobics Athletes Based on Modern Educational Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.008


Guo Wei

Corresponding Author

Guo Wei


If we want to achieve better results, we need to improve the methods of competition and training, thoroughly understand and analyze the structure of athletes'competitive ability and the related factors, so that athletes' competitive ability can be fully developed and improved. Today, with the development of Competitive Aerobics in full swing, the research of competitive aerobics is increasingly refreshing. Balance ability test and evaluation is an important evaluation index for competitive aerobics athletes. Good physical quality is the basis for displaying complex and difficult competitive aerobics. By attaching importance to and strengthening the physical quality training of aerobics, the quality of complete sets of movements can be improved, thus improving the level of sports technology. Based on the assistance of modern educational technology, this paper discusses the influencing factors and testing methods of calisthenics athletes' balance ability, providing digital theoretical basis for scientific selection, training and technical diagnosis of athletes.


Aerobics; Balance Ability; Technical Level; Athletics