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Study on the comparison between college students borrowing behavior and the statistical analysis of paper books

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.007


Wang Lei, Liu Chunxiao, Jin Xinglong, Xu Guozhen, Su Xueping, Chen Xinjie

Corresponding Author

Wang Lei


Taking Heilongjiang Bayi agricultural university student lending behavior as the research object, through information technology to the library borrowing data statistics and analysis, discusses the utilization of paper books to the library students and students' learning and scientific research, analyzes the students' reading interest and learning habits of the differences, department cooperation relations, the influence of the book recommendation, etc. The causes of behavior, and in view of the actual situation, proposed the more reasonable and effective countermeasures and solutions, for the future library construction and students' quality education provides the reference and basis.


Library; Physical resources; Data statistics; Behavior analysis