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A Cross-cultural Comparative Study on the Identity of Pre-service PE Teachers between China and the USA

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.005


Wenhui Tan

Corresponding Author

Wenhui Tan


Under the background of global economic integration, cultural exchanges around the world are increasing, and many outside teachers have come to China to teach. However, due to the differences in cultural backgrounds, Western cultural educators will inevitably lead to identity problems due to cultural conflicts. This paper summarizes the relevant theories of pre-service teachers in identity, and analyzes the challenges faced by Chinese and American pre-service PE teachers in cross-cultural identity, and proposes an effective path to construct their identity, in order to adapt to the pre-service PE teachers. Chinese culture is better involved in China's education reform and innovation work.


Pre-service physical education teacher; identity; cross-cultural; comparative study