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Research on the Application of Micro Course in Badminton Teaching in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.004


Lu Pengtao

Corresponding Author

Lu Pengtao


The full name of Micro Course is “Micro Video Network Course”. Its appearance has changed the classroom teaching mode, allowing the key and difficult knowledge to be displayed in a more concrete and targeted situation. As a product of the teaching reform in the information age, microcoourse is causing a new round of discussion and exploration on the classroom teaching reform in the education field. Micro Course mainly uses video teaching and uses modern methods to carry out comprehensive teaching. In the actual teaching process, students can quickly understand what they have learned in class through video. This paper combines the whole semester teaching experiment of Public Physical Education in Colleges and universities, dialectically absorbs the previous research results of sports micro Course, and studies the teaching effect of using sports micro Course in public physical education classes of different majors in Colleges and universities. At the same time, from the use of Micro Course in badminton teaching as the research content, the advantages and characteristics of Micro Course are analyzed, and its impact on physical education is put forward.


Micro Course; Badminton; Modernization; Teaching