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The Impact of Rural Teachers'Work Circumstances on Rural Teachers' Belief in Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.003


Yang Yandong

Corresponding Author

Yang Yandong


Facing the teaching reform under the background of the new curriculum, there are significant differences in the cognitive attitude and action status of rural teachers. Educational belief is a hot issue in the field of education. Educational belief is not only a purely educational issue, but also a social and cultural issue. Whether teachers'collective beliefs or teachers' personal beliefs are the reflection of a specific social and cultural environment. Teachers'educational beliefs are of great research value. They have both theoretical value and practical significance. If we want education to be a contribution to the whole society and mankind, we cannot but attach importance to teachers' educational beliefs and shape an educational belief that is needed to adapt to social transformation and future educational development. This paper analyzes the influence of the working conditions of rural teachers on their educational beliefs, and discusses how to rebuild the image of teachers in the current lost educational beliefs of rural teachers and promote the cultural reconstruction of educational beliefs with cultural details.


Rural Teachers; Educational Belief; Teaching Reform