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Research on accelerating the development and construction of urbanization in Aksu prefecture

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DOI: 10.25236/humal.2017.23


Guan Wenting, Zhu Xiaoling

Corresponding Author

Guan Wenting


In recent years, Xinjiang has vigorously promoted the construction of new urbanization, the four prefectures in south Xinjiang have proposed measures to build 100 small towns, hoping to speed up the transformation of old urban areas. Aksu area, as a typical example of urbanization in southern Xinjiang, is slow, representative area of urbanization rate area, Aksu area, rural population is large, agricultural population transfer pressure is serious, and other factors seriously hinder the development of Aksu city, however, the construction of small towns provides a good platform for Aksu's urbanization development.


urbanization construction/Aksu area/proposal