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Study on the Object Sorrow in Japanese Literature

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DOI: 10.25236/humal.2017.22


Li Zhang

Corresponding Author

Li Zhang


The "sorrow" in Japanese literature can be summed up as the following four characteristics. First, it is not only "feeling things" and mourning, but also the mourning of things themselves. Second, it can not be liberated, hopeless sorrow, is in the despair of the morale of piety. Third, this grief is again the purifying agent touched by all other emotions, surpassing all the secular emotions and bringing them noble spiritual meaning. Fourthly, since this spiritual level is tied to the impermanence and the moment of things, its spiritual ascension is limited with unforeseen contingencies and immediate limitations, yet at the same time it is extremely delicate Tiny qualities.


Object Sorrow, Japanese Literature, Research Trend