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Marxist Propagation Path and Contemporary Enlightenment in Guizhou Minority Areas during the Long March

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DOI: 10.25236/humal.2017.14


Qiang Zhang, Xueyan Wang

Corresponding Author

Qiang Zhang


Red Army Long March are mostly ethnic areas in Guizhou during the activities of the region, where the socio-economic backwardness, ethnic relations are complex, Miao and Han serious opposition. The Red Army must pass through these ethnic areas, it must spread the Marxist theory, propaganda of the party and the Red Army's nature, principles, routes, policies, to solve the tense national relations. During the period of Guizhou, the Red Army opened up a new path of Marxism popularization, which changed the attitude of the people to Marxism. From the exclusion to the understanding, acceptance, recognition and belief, the Red Army gained the support and support of the minority, the smooth realization of the strategic shift. To learn from history, the Red Army in Guizhou during the promotion of Marxist popular work experience is worth learning, its contemporary value is rich.


The Long March, the Popularization of Marxism, the Minority Areas, the Path Selection