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On the visual expression of music—An example of the Jazz music“It an’t necessarily so”

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DOI: 10.25236/ACEPMB.2019.050


Zhao Ying

Corresponding Author

Zhao Ying


This paper is a practical study on the experimental topic of mutual transformation between hearing and vision, namely, "Answer to the question of music — It'an't necessarily so“. Through listening to music, associations, the application of "adjectives" and then visual expression, the visual works presented are cross-music, visual communication design, psychology disciplines, the results have many possibilities,which is innovative. It aims at exploring the combination and integration of the two arts of vision and hearing, increasing the possibilities of diversification of visual expression and trying to accomplish the production of self "digestion" and "individuation" in the audio-visual experience.


Music; Visual Expression; “Adjective” ; Association; self