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The Reconstruction of Cinema Time by Nonlinear Narration

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DOI: 10.25236/ACEPMB.2019.049


Wang Shimiao

Corresponding Author

Wang Shimiao


The cognition of film time is limited to the traditional time cognition in the general research field. The cognition of time shows that Heidegger explored the origin of time from the perspective of ontology, and then broke the traditional way of separating subjectivity and objectivity. He denied the linear passage of time and established three patterns of timeliness: "past", "present" and "future". The non-linear narrative art of the film breaks the linear representation of the present time from the whole, so that the past, present and future are not clearly separated, and “Dasein" is thrown into the realm of possibility. This paper takes the non-linear narrative application in Christopher Nolan's directing art as an example, and takes the time dimension as the support point. On the basis of clarifying the non-time sequence and fragmentation features of this method, it points out that logic is the key to the combination of two reconstruction features.


Heidegger; Time; Nolan; Reconstruction; Nonlinear Narration