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Research on Ink and Wash Elements in Graphic Design

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DOI: 10.25236/humal.2017.13


Huaying Zhang

Corresponding Author

Huaying Zhang


In recent years, the use of ink in the form of the performance of the design works more and more, from the perspective of the development of ink art or from the local design point of view, ink and design combination is of great significance. However, whether it is overwhelming design or design works on the exhibition, the use of ink elements seem to only reach the number of breakthroughs, memorable works are rare. Ink and ink elements as a special element carrying the essence of Chinese culture, its use in the graphic design of the level of China's domestic design development and improvement. Through the analysis, the author found that the use of ink and ink elements for the discovery of ink elements is not enough, the use of ink elements only in the surface and ink elements of the form of modern aesthetic concepts and other issues. I believe that the understanding of the elements of ink should not be confined to the ink material material presented in the form of beauty, or "white when the black" "image modeling" "line shape" these surface forms, or just some traditional Ink and drawing symbols of the graft combination, more importantly, to convey the ink embodied in the philosophical connotation, spiritual connotation and its modern culture in the traditional spirit, and so deep things. Only these deep elements can support the establishment of local design. In this regard, Japan's graphic design can give us a good reference, Japan's graphic design in the world is unique, with a strong national characteristics, but also widely recognized by the world. However, Japanese designers are not keen on the traditional form of copying, and even in the works rarely see the traditional graphics or patterns appear, on the contrary many designers of the graphics are very modern, such as Fukuda, The


Ink and Wash Elements, Graphic Design, Application