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The Situational Mobilization Of Public Crowdfunding In The Context Of New Media -Taking Light Fundraising As An Example

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DOI: 10.25236/ACEPMB.2019.044


Lichao Dai, Chuying Huang

Corresponding Author

Chuying Huang


With the deconstruction of the deconstruction of the existing mass communication structure, the decentralization and deconstruction potential of the existing power order turn the subject of empowerment into diffuse. The public crowdfunding objects are no longer the traditional "vulnerable groups", but become indiscriminate audiences in the new media context.Besides the influencing factors of the seekers are no longer a one-way "5W" model, instead it the mobilization of crowdfunding is performed simultaneously by micro, middle and micro scenariosin the process of crowdfunding .


New media; Easy to raise; Situation to mobilize