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The Author's "Psychological Autobiography"-"Martin Eden" Is an Autobiographical Novel of Appreciation

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DOI: 10.25236/humal.2017.11


Siqi Wang

Corresponding Author

Siqi Wang


Martin Eden, as a realistic autobiographical novel, is of great significance in the history of American literary creation. The author, in the creation of Martin Eden, at the same time puts his own life, emotional experience and psychological growth process into showing a realist obvious heroin a three-dimensional way. This paper analyzes the author Jack London's psychological mapping in his novels from three aspects: work experience, emotional life and influence of external thought. The protagonist's idealistic fantasy of love and life finally goes to disillusionment, which is the intrinsic motivation of his mental state change. Although Martin Eden has acquired a positive mental form in the process of meeting the needs, at last, the failure of self-actualization needs leads to the extreme of life, and to achieve physical and psychological relief through suicide.


Psychology; Martin Eden; Autobiographical Novels