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Research on the Current Situation and Countermeasure of Health Qigong in the Local Provincial Universities under the National Fitness Strategy

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DOI: 10.25236/ACEPMB.2019.021


Yin Huagen, Chai Yaping, Huang Zhi, Liu Junhua

Corresponding Author

Yin Huagen


This research mainly adopts literature, questionnaire, expert interviews and other research methods to investigate the current status of Health Qigong in three provincial universities in Nanchong City. The results show that none of the three provincial universities in Nanchong city offers health qigong courses, and the teacher structure is dominated by young and middle-aged teachers with master's degree, besides the professional title is relatively low, which needs to be improved; The teachers and students surveyed believe that it is necessary to offer health qigong courses in colleges and universities, and most teachers and students have a great interest in health qigong and are willing to join the ranks of learning, which will have a considerable prospect; As for the teaching venue, all three provincial universities can meet the requirements for the health qigong course; The cognition of the students surveyed for functional value of health qigong is mainly reflected in the inheritance of national culture and the adjustment of psychological quality; The lack of health qigong teachers and the imperfect curriculum system are the main reasons why the three provincial universities do not have health qigong courses. In response to the above problems, this study proposes corresponding development strategies.


National fitness; health qigong; provincial universities; current situation; countermeasure