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Between "Li" and "Xin"—Wei Liaoweng 's Transcendence and Development of Zhu zi

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DOI: 10.25236/ACEPMB.2019.020


Jianlan Qin, Aihong Zhu and Yang Yang

Corresponding Author

Jianlan Qin


Wei Liaoweng (Heshan), he studied Zhu zi’s thoughts, and has a remarkable achievement in Neo-Confucianism of late Southern Song Dynasty. Wei Liaoweng's academic character includes the thought of “Li” and “Xin”, so the controversy is particularly high, or that its overall thinking is still belong to the “Li”, or turn to the “Xin”, or its academic nature as the integration of Zhu zi and Lu Jiuyuan, blend the “Li” and the “Xin”. In fact, Wei Liaoweng’s thought "Xin" is a step by step and progressive, which also reflects the "Li" and "Xin" of the rationality in the coexistence of the foundation. Its academic character is mixed with "Li" and "Xin", and the context of Confucian authenticity is re-established. To a certain extent, it is the transcendence and development of Zhu zi.


Wei Liaoweng; "Li"; "Xin"; Zhu zi