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Study on Categorization Recognition of Employment Relations between Internet Platform and Designated Driver

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DOI: 10.25236/ACEPMB.2019.010


Huang Chen, Chai Yiqiong

Corresponding Author

Huang Chen


Currently how to determine the employment relations between the internet platform and designated driver has not been finally concluded yet. Based on the relevant theories e.g. labor relations, employment relations and brokerage contract, the writer carries out the analysis on the employment mode of platform to the designated drivers, it is recommended to divide the designated drivers into two types including the full-time and part-time for performing the categorization recognition, that is, the full-time designated drivers constitute the labor relations with the platform, and the part-time designated drivers constitute the employment relations with the platform, which more facilitate to resolve the disputes currently generated due to the unclear recognition for the employment relations between these two in the juridical practice.


Full-time designated driver; Part-time designated driver; Labor relations; Employment relations