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Scale Development and Validity Test of Enterprise Culture Power

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DOI: 10.25236/ACEPMB.2019.006


Qiuxue Luo,Yun Dong

Corresponding Author

Qiuxue Luo


The enterprise culture power is a new concept that has emerged in recent years. Scholars have done some research on its concept and composition, but there still has not been a clear definition and measurement of it. Based on literature review, this paper defines the concept of enterprise culture power and determines the composition dimension of this concept combined with data and materials of qualitative interview from 15 interviewees. In the context of China, a multi-dimension measurement scale with reliability and validity has been developed. The research results show that the enterprise culture power shall include four dimensions: the spiritual culture power, institutional culture power, behavior culture power and creative learning power, and it includes measurement scale with 19 items. It use SPSS 22.0 analysis show that results have relatively good internally consistent reliability and validity. In this study,the scale development, reliability and validity test results will lay a foundation in the aspect of corporate culture power for future research.


Enterprise culture power; Scale development; Reliability and validity test