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The Influence of Scientific Research Training Environment on Postgraduates’ Research Self-efficacy—An Empirical Analysis Based on Eight Universities in Wuhan

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DOI: 10.25236/ACEPMB.2019.004


Yang Yang, Aihong Zhu, Jianlan Qin

Corresponding Author

Yang Yang


Based on the Research Training Environment Theory and the Self-efficacy Theory,this study makes an empirical analysis of the impact of research training environment on postgraduates' research self-efficacy, which finds out the faculty model, reinforcement for scientific research activities, early and minimally threatening involvement in research, interpersonal experience and the combining of research with practice are the factors which have a significant effect on the research self-efficacy of graduate students. So it is necessary to cultivate the interest of graduate students, strengthen the role demonstration of teachers, promote the positive research incentive, strengthen the training of scientific research practice, and help graduate students to improve their self-efficacy.


Scientific Research Training Environment;Research Self-efficacy;Empirical Analysis