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Who is the fat one? —Comparative Research on Social Stratification and Subjective well-being in Term of individual Figure

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DOI: 10.25236/ACEPMB.2019.002


Chen Jiasheng, Bi Tianyun

Corresponding Author

Bi Tianyun


The article focuses on individual figure to discuss that what impacts that social stratus and subjective well-being will bring to individual figure. The research shows that the social stratification factors, which contain individual incomes, educational background and institutional types are prominently correlated with individual figure. Especially, the higher individual incomes, the fatter individual figure; the higher educational background, the thinner individual figure; the individuals who work for political party organization, the fatter they are than other individuals who are other institutional types. Therefore, it is reasonable that the phenomenon that stratification in institutional types, incomes, and educational background are also happened on individual figures. Meanwhile, even though the effects that subjective well-being bring to individual figures are smaller than social stratified variables such as individual incomes and educational background and so on, subjective well-being also provides individual figures with positive influence.


Individual figure; Social Stratification; subjective well-being