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The Application of the Accounting Method in the Internet Financial Business--Taking Listed Companies for Example

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DOI: 10.25236/meici.2019.117


Ming Yin

Corresponding Author

Ming Yin


With the convenience of the accounting method in the Internet financial business, it becomes a significant way to analyze the financial index of the listed company. In order to improve the application of the accounting checking audit method on the Internet widely, the paper carries on the quality inspection to the listed companies the financial data of financial business from 2007 to 2016 , using Logistic regression method to fit and analyze the original data, and filtrate the suspicious financial data. This paper illustrates that most of the listed companies in our country have obtained effective, real and reliable data in the Internet financial business. In the meantime, What we also discuss is that the system of improving accounting checking in the internet business of the listed companies ,so as to improve the quality of accounting audit, which improves the asymmetry of information collected and provided by listed companies . The results show that if the listed companies adopt stricter audit system to control the reliability of accounting statements and increase the audit of financial information, they can effectively make the correct decisions through the financial statements.


Accounting method, Internet finance, Listed company, Logistic regression method