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The Effects of Positive Art Ethics on Shaping Aesthetical Personality

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DOI: 10.25236/meici.2019.110


Junmei Wang

Corresponding Author

Junmei Wang


Art is completely an inside job, and the taste of it is dependent on its creators’ personality. For an artist, it’s his artistic personality that promotes his artistic career. On the contrary, it’s the enthusiasm of the artist for art that depicts his artistic personality. Therefore, the personality is an indispensable perquisite for art appreciation. And the positive art ethics indicate a perfect combination of the form and the content. Specifically, attractive art forms can purify people’s mind. And then, people can create great works of art with their soul. So, the positive art ethics are more idealized than the ones in real life. And the aesthetic education of art is designed to help appreciators feel and experience the profound humanity spirit and humanity care.


Positive art ethics, Aesthetic personality, Aesthetic education