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Practical Analysis on Moral Education Work of College Students Management

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DOI: 10.25236/meici.2019.108


Boyang Lu, and Xiaoding Han

Corresponding Author

Boyang Lu


This paper mainly deals with the practical analysis on moral education work in college students management. According to the necessity of efficient moral education management, the problems existing in moral education in colleges and universities, and the practical ways of moral education management in colleges and universities, the paper makes an in-depth analysis from the lag of teaching principle, the lack of family support in moral education, the confusion of students’ moral cognition, the implementation of moral education management under the new situation, the innovation of moral education management, the introduction of family moral education system, to the strengthening of the mental health education of students, for the purpose of promoting the value of moral education management of college students so as to provide reference materials for related research.


College students, Moral education, Family education, Mental health education