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Research on the Influence of the Teaching Mode of Public Elective Courses on Food Nutrition and Safety Based on "Internet +" on Students' Learning Styles

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DOI: 10.25236/meici.2019.104


Zhun Guo, Yuzhen Zhao, and Yang Zhao

Corresponding Author

Yuzhen Zhao


Taking the public elective course "Food Nutrition and Safety" course offered by Xijing University as an example, the "Internet +" method of mobile teaching App is used to carry out classroom teaching practice and to study the influence of this method on the learning mode of public elective students. The research shows that the classroom teaching based on the “Internet +” of mobile teaching apps can influence the learning styles of all majors and improve their learning ability from the four aspects of learning time allocation, learning tool use, thinking habits and self-control. It can effectively enhance the classroom learning atmosphere, stimulate students' interest in learning food nutrition and safety knowledge, and promote the effect of food nutrition and safety knowledge teaching for different professional students.


Internet +, Public Elective Course, Learning Styles