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Research on Tourism Service Quality Management Based on Tourists

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DOI: 10.25236/meici.2019.102


Fangting Wan

Corresponding Author

Fangting Wan


Tourists are an important subject to evaluate the quality of tourism service. Tourist satisfaction is the most direct expression of tourists' evaluation of tourism service quality. Starting from the perspective of tourists, this paper takes Wuyuan in JiangXi province as the research sample to analyze the tourist satisfaction and its main influencing factors. The research results show that the tourism service quality of Wuyuan is mainly affected by factors such as accommodation and catering services and cost performance, public infrastructure and tourism commodities. Therefore, Suggestions are put forward for tourism promotion management of WuYuan from the perspectives of tourism project development, catering and accommodation services, featured goods and public services. The concept of tourist satisfaction is introduced into the research of tourism development and management, which can not only provide scientific reference for the development of tourism, but also meet the needs of tourists to a greater extent, so as to facilitate the long-term sustainable development of tourism, which has strong practical guiding significance.


Tourist Satisfaction, Service Quality, Factor Analysis, SPSS