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Exploration of Soil Mechanics Triaxial Test Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/meici.2019.101


Yao Xu

Corresponding Author

Yao Xu


The soil mechanics course offers soil density test, water content test, soil liquid plastic limit test, consolidation test, direct shear test. Triaxial test of soil is not available, but it is widely used in geotechnical engineering. In my spare time, I open the soil mechanics laboratory to teach students to learn soil triaxial experiment, which is helpful for students to adapt to the future engineering practice. The strength, deformation and pore water pressure of soil samples can be measured by Tsz30-2.0 strain - controlled triaxial apparatus. Through the experiment, students can master the purpose of the three-axis experiment, equipment composition, soil sample preparation, instrument characteristics, operation steps, data analysis, etc. Through the study of triaxial experiment, students' interest in learning, engineering practice ability and teaching quality are improved.


Soil mechanics, Triaxial test, Engineering survey