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On the Enlightenment of German Engineer Education to the Construction of Practical Teaching System of Civil Engineering Specialty in China

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DOI: 10.25236/meici.2019.100


Na Xie, and Jie Liu

Corresponding Author

Na Xie


German engineering education aims to train "finished product" engineers, emphasizing engineer qualification education and the key role of enterprises in teaching. It has established a rigorous and internationalized training standards for engineers, which is unique in global higher engineering education and widely used for reference. Based on the enlightenment of German engineer education, this paper analyzes some problems existing in the practical teaching of civil engineering specialty, discusses the ways and means of constructing a reasonable practice teaching system, and looks forward to the future development trend of professional practice teaching, so as to provide reference for the construction of practical teaching system of civil engineering specialty.


German "engineering education", Civil engineering, Practical teaching system