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An Investigation and Analysis on the Cognitive Status of Medical Legal System of Medical Undergraduates in Shaanxi Province

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DOI: 10.25236/meici.2019.091


Rui Yang

Corresponding Author

Rui Yang


Objective: To analyze the cognitive status and existing problems of medical undergraduates in Shaanxi Province. Methods: A questionnaire survey was conducted on 988 medical undergraduates in Shaanxi Province, and the data were tested by chi-square test. Results: Medical students are unclear about the concept of medical malpractice and medical damage. They are not fully aware of the scope of rights that may infringe patients. There are differences in the level of cognition, including the informing the content of the obligation in grades, majors, and internships; and the standard of diagnosis and treatment in grades, genders, and hospital internships. Discussion: In order to train qualified medical students, it is necessary to strengthen the cultivation of medical students' legal literacy, especially in the areas of tort liability awareness and respect for patients' rights, so as to improve the quality of prospective doctors' future medical services.


Medical undergraduates, Medical infringement, Cognition