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Research on Reform and Innovation of Exhibition Economy and Management Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/meici.2019.087


Zhen Hua, and Dong Wang

Corresponding Author

Zhen Hua


The exhibition industry is becoming a sunrise industry in the tertiary industry, to maintain an annual growth rate since the WTO, and has great development potential and development space. The development of the convention and exhibition industry requires a large number of high-quality professional exhibition talents. The society's demand for exhibition talents is increasing, the training of exhibition talents is lagging, the development of exhibition disciplines is still not perfect, the professional construction is immature, and the curriculum is not reasonable. Contradictions have become increasingly prominent. How to train more personnel in line with professional needs of the times, it has become a research topic of the current urgent. Based on the systematic analysis of the development of exhibition industry and the demand for talents, this paper has positioned the development of the exhibition economy and management professionals, conducted research on the talent training model, and proposed an innovative framework for the curriculum system of the major. The issue was explored.


Exhibition economy and management major, Curriculum, Innovative framework