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The Legal use of Personal Information in the Age of Big Data

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DOI: 10.25236/meici.2019.085


Shujun Guo

Corresponding Author

Shujun Guo


With the advent of the Internet age, people began to enter the information age. The development of the information industry is more and more developed, and the application and research based on personal information is becoming more and more extensive. In this regard, how to legally use our personal information in the era of big data is extremely important. At present, there is no strict definition system for the protection of personal information. The goal of this paper is to strictly protect personal information under the development of big data so that it can be properly distributed and used to promote personal safety and property. Safe protection. This paper analyzes the personal information protection system in the era of big data from the perspectives of civil law, contract law and tort law. Through the comparative study of the status quo and development needs of personal information, it is concluded that it is more reasonable in the era of big data. The use of personal information should establish a rigorous system that is consistent with the direction of the times.


Big data era, Personal information, Legal use