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Practice Research into Interactive Teaching Modes in English and American Literature Curricula under the Background of Socialization of NMET

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DOI: 10.25236/meici.2019.083


Junling Yan

Corresponding Author

Junling Yan


With the development of English socialization reform in college entrance examination, talents’ cultivation in colleges and universities is very important, which will push us to change our minds and adopt new teaching methods. With the improvement of educational methods, interactive teaching methods are gradually integrated into teaching methods of various subjects, replacing traditional teaching modes. Because British and American literature course is one of compulsory courses of English major education in colleges and universities, this paper is on how to use interactive teaching methods into the practice study of British and American literature course to achieve British and American literature teaching method improvement and explore interactive teaching methods under the new mode of English and American literature teaching.


College entrance examination socialization, Interactive teaching, Courses in british and american literature, Practice research