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Study on the Idealist and Realistic Style in the Songs of Chu ——A Case Study of Qu Yuan 's Works

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DOI: 10.25236/humal.2017.05


Shiqian Deng

Corresponding Author

Shiqian Deng


The Songs of Chu refer to "poems created with the local music, language and name of Chu." There is a clear distinction between the form and the northern poems, but the difference is not only reflected in the construction of the poetic style, the two language styles, ideological rationale, and even the value orientation has a more obvious difference. In contrast, the Songs of Chu in the structure has a longer sentence and length, in the language there are more obvious modification, in the content of a more magnificent imagination, more elegant in the emotional and elegant, in the ideological More emphasis on the absolute spirit of advocating ... ... Therefore, it is easy to see the idealist of The Songs of Chu and the resulting idealist style, on this point of view, we will elaborate in this article, and we also proposed fhe new proposition of "the realism of the speech", and discusses the mutual integration of the interaction between the two and their influence on the style, style and even value orientation of later literature.


Natural Geographical Environment, Social Environment, Mythology and Religion