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The Secret of Soared Profitability: Salesforce is More Than Cost-Cutting-the Case Study of KHC

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DOI: 10.25236/meici.2019.079


Yang Wang

Corresponding Author

Yang Wang


This paper sets the focus on finding the fatal point of leading the packaged food manufactured company successful by the case study of KHC. We find that during 2015-2017, packaged food industry indeed endured the declination and then grow up again because of the healthier living style. So the ratification of the customers is the most important factor. To different scale companies, they almost have the same gross profit, but the operating profit always are different. KHC also has its own reason that is the 3G capital entered into its company. Which made it more profitability. But this kind of profitability is unstable.


Profitability, Sales force, Packaged food industry