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Analysis of the Chinese Construction “ban A ban B”

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DOI: 10.25236/meici.2019.076


Zhaodi Xing

Corresponding Author

Zhaodi Xing


Taking the concept of inheritance in Construction Grammar as departure, this paper considers that "ban A and ban B" (ban means half in English) is a sub-construction under the category of intermediate construction, and its meaning is the observance and partial deviation of the prototype construction. As variables participating in the integration of construction meaning, the relation between A and B determines the meaning of the whole construction. If A and B is in opposite or relative relation, the construction takes neutral meaning. If A and B is related, under the effect of construction coercion,the construction also takes neutral meaning since the relation between A and B is changed into opposite.If A and B is in absolutely opposite relation, then the construction meaning will be selectively biasedtowards A or B in the specific context. At the level of integration degree, "half A half B" presents three levels, i.e. low, medium and high.


Construction inheritance, “Half A half B” construction, Construction meaning, Construction integration