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Exploration of Training Mode of Applied Talents Based on TOPCARES-CDIO Concept

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DOI: 10.25236/meici.2019.066


Xiaoyu Wang, Qian Wang, and Yuxin Zhao

Corresponding Author

Xiaoyu Wang


CDIO is the most advanced engineering educational concept in recent years in foreign countries. Dalian Neusoft Institute of Information put forward a new idea of TOPCARES-CDIO base on the concept of CDIO, which aims to cultivate high-quality IT applied talents through integration of student’s knowledge, capacity and attitude. This article explored applied talents cultivating model based on TOPCARES-CDIO concept through integrated capacity system of specialized talents cultivating, integrated curriculum system and integrated project system. Through the research in this paper, it will be helpful to train high-quality applied talents to meet the market demand.


TOPCARES-CDIO, Integration, Talents Cultivating Mode