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Analysis of the Management Mode of Students' Apartments in China’s Border Higher Institutions from the Perspective of Peers

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DOI: 10.25236/meici.2019.062


Yun Lu

Corresponding Author

Yun Lu


Apartment management, as an important part of the student management in colleges and universities, plays an important role in the security, stability and harmonious development of colleges and universities in the border areas. In view of the location characteristics, development orientation and student situation of border higher institutions, the introduction of peer management concepts, in the context of low socialization of student apartment management can fully mobilize the functions between functional departments, apartment administrators and student self-management groups. By strengthening the awareness of “self-education, self-management, and self-service” of student groups, the management efficiency of student apartments can be effectively improved, which can actively promote the effectiveness of ideological and political education for college students, and provide a solid guarantee for training builders and successors for socialist construction with comprehensive moral, intellectual, and artistic development. The border higher institutions are located in the borders, mostly in remote areas with harsh natural environment and relatively backward economic development. Some are even at the border where the development is extremely slow. The degree of local economic development has far-reaching influence on the level and quality of colleges and universities. As a result, the colleges and universities in the border areas generally have a low level of schooling, a single student structure, poor student quality, and a large number of minority students. Student management, especially apartment management tasks are difficult. The management of student apartments in frontier colleges is generally less socialized, and management tasks are concentrated in the student work department. Actively integrating existing resources and giving full play to the advantages of self-management of student cadres is necessary and effective for effectively promoting the efficiency of the management of colleges and universities in the border areas.


Peers, Border higher institution, Management of apartment