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Object Tracking Algorithm based on Bilateral Structure Tensor under Lie Group Manifold

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DOI: 10.25236/meici.2019.061


Yinghong Xie, Qiang Guo, and Chunhe Shi

Corresponding Author

Yinghong Xie


Considering of object modeling problem with the complex background, the paper proposes a new object tracking algorithm based on bilateral structure tensor using particle filter under Lie group. Bilateral structure tensor is adopted to describe the appearance of the object, which can maintain the information of image edge better. At the same time, for the bilateral structure obeys Lie group structure, Riemann geometry which is much more accurate is applied to calculate the mean value and design particle filtering algorithm. The experimental results show that the proposed algorithm can achieve stable tracking for the visual and the variable targets under water


Object tracking, Bilateral structure tensor, Particle filtering, Lie group, Riemann geometry