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Research and Practice on Teaching Reform of Agricultural Electrification Specialty

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DOI: 10.25236/meici.2019.058


Limin Shao, Meng Zhang, Yuhong Zhou, Juan Wang, and Dongming Li

Corresponding Author

Limin Shao


Facing the new situation of higher education, new challenges, new demands and new tasks, Hebei Agricultural University, actively promote the comprehensive reform for rural electrification, insist on combining teaching and scientific research, production, deepening and expanding "Taihang Road", the service "three rural" construction and beautiful countryside, graduates in rural agricultural areas has broad space show his abilities. Agricultural electrification major focuses on improving the quality of education and is oriented to new engineering. Based on the concept of cultivating talents with innovative thinking ability and interdisciplinary advantages, it explores a multidisciplinary talent cultivation mode that integrates professional practice and innovative and entrepreneurial training.


Agricultural electrification, Engineering certification, Project-based teaching