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Optimizing Path of the Structure of Agricultural Businesses in China from the Perspective of New Development Concept

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DOI: 10.25236/meici.2019.054


Deqiang Su

Corresponding Author

Deqiang Su


The agricultural business is the main undertaker and beneficiary of agricultural production and operation. At present, the low efficiency of agriculture leads to the fatigue of agricultural businesses, the imperfect support system of agriculture restricts the development of new-type agricultural businesses, and the distorted allocation of agricultural resources leads to the unbalanced development of the structure of agricultural businesses. Therefore, to promote the reform of agricultural supply side, we must stimulate the vitality of agricultural businesses and cultivate a new type of agricultural economy, with leading the optimization of structure of agricultural businesses with new development ideas. We can reduce negative externalities of agriculture and stimulate the vitality of agricultural businesses through innovation-driven development and sharing reform results. We can focuse on building two-oriented agriculture and cultivating new agricultural businesses through green quality development and opening up reform ideas; We can develop the sixth industry and optimize the structure of agricultural businesses through coordinating agricultural structure and coordinating the government and market.


Agricultural supply-side reform, Agricultural business, Structural optimization, New development concept