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Research on the Construction of Blended Learning Model Based on Micro-Lecture Teaching, Semi-Flip Classroom and the Ketangpai

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DOI: 10.25236/meici.2019.044


Ruihua Mu, Bin Liu, Wei Chang, Jia He, and Jing Yang

Corresponding Author

Ruihua Mu


With the development of information-based teaching technology, flipped classroom and blended learning are more and more favored by teachers, among which blended teaching seems to be of great concern. Firstly, the advantages and disadvantages of micro-lecture teaching and flipping classroom teaching are analyzed. Then, the Ketangpai is introduced. Finally, combining the current teaching situation of domestic universities, a blended learning model is constructed by micro-lecture teaching, semi-flip classroom and the Ketangpai which aims to provide an exploratory study to improve the quality of classroom teaching in local colleges and universities.


Blended learning, Classroom teaching, Modern educational technology