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An Investigation and Analysis of Employment Attitudes of Clinical Medicine Specialty Undergraduates------Based on a Survey of a Special Recruitment Fair for Pharmaceutical Specialty in Shaanxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2019

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DOI: 10.25236/meici.2019.040


Rui Yang

Corresponding Author

Rui Yang


[Objective] Based on a survey data of a special recruitment fair for pharmaceutical specialty in Shaanxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2019. This paper is to analyze clinical medicine specialty undergraduates’ employment attitudes, who are of different genders and from different colleges and universities, provide grass-roots hospitals with reference to appeal to talents, and provide schools with basis to carry out employment guidance. [Method]A questionnaire survey was conducted among undergraduates of the clinical medicine specialty, who participated in the special recruitment fair. Chi-square test and binary logistic regression analysis were used to analyze the data. [Results]There are significant differences among clinical medicine specialty undergraduates of different genders in their employment in grass-roots units in the aspects of positive degree of employment and optimistic degree of employment prospects. And there are significant differences among undergraduates from different colleges and universities in the nature of expected units and plans after their graduation. The main factors that affect graduates’ initiative to work in grassroots hospitals are: expected monthly salary, graduates' career choice concerns, and the optimistic degree of employment prospects. [Conclusion] It is necessary for schools and grass-roots employers to actively guide students to find jobs at grass-roots hospitals. Schools are supposed to foster graduates to keep a practical employment attitude by means of an analysis of employment situation, and to enhance the education of girls in career choice views with encouraging them to find jobs.


Undergraduates, Clinical medicine specialty, Employment attitudes