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Quality Control of Key Processes in Construction Engineering Based on BP Neural Network

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DOI: 10.25236/meici.2019.034


Wenjun Sun

Corresponding Author

Wenjun Sun


In the construction engineering activities, the control of project quality is a very important link. The quality of the project directly affects the service life of the construction project, indirectly affects the economic benefits of the project, and there are even security risks. The development of science and technology has made the complexity of construction engineering increase day by day, and there are many factors affecting the construction quality. In the construction project construction activities, these influencing factors dynamically change with the construction progress of civil engineering according to the characteristics of the project and the environment. This makes it difficult to control the quality of construction projects. Therefore, it is necessary to propose appropriate methods to establish the mapping relationship between the influencing factors of construction quality and the forming process of the engineering entity. In this paper, the BP neural network model is used to track and analyze the data in the engineering quality forming process, so as to find out the important factors causing the quality deviation of the process, and provide a scientific basis for the quality control of construction engineering. At the same time, it has a universal reference value, which is conducive to improving the quality of construction engineering and reducing the occurrence of quality accidents during construction of construction projects.


Process, BP neural network, Construction engineering, Quality control