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Research and Practice on Soil Science Teaching Reform

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DOI: 10.25236/meici.2019.030


Jin Li, Chao Zheng, Yanqiu Liang, Zhong Lin, Gangshun Rao, and Tingting Duan

Corresponding Author

Tingting Duan


This paper analyzes the key problems that encountered in the teaching process of soil science, and puts forward corresponding reform measures for this problem: (1) Change students' learning attitude, stimulate their enthusiasm to learn the course. (2) Improve teacher's teaching ability, constantly update and enrich the teaching content. (3) Increase the types of experiments to meet the requirements of students from different levels. Through these teaching reform measures, to solve or improve the above teaching problems and achieve the teaching goal of soil science course. After the initial attempt of teaching reform and practice, it has been recognized and widely participated by teachers and students, and achieved good teaching results.


Soil science, Curriculum reform, Teaching practices, Experiment course