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Construction and Practice of Innovative Practice Teaching System Based on OBE

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DOI: 10.25236/meici.2019.028


Chao Lu, Pei Liu, Hongli Pan, Yajie Ren, Ying Zhang, Hui Tian, Jinhai Xu, and Zenghui Yang

Corresponding Author

Chao Lu


This paper focuses on the training goal and orientation of high-level applied talents with innovative spirit and practical ability. According to the requirements of personnel training in the new era, the overall goal of practical teaching based on output orientation is established in accordance with the "nine principles". The project team system constructs a practical teaching system of "three levels, four breakthroughs and five combinations". It meets the practical teaching needs of different majors and levels, and strengthens the cultivation of students’ innovative spirit and practical ability through various channels and levels. Through improving the comprehensive evaluation system of students and scientific management of innovation and entrepreneurship laboratory, students’ innovative spirit and practical ability have been improved significantly. The number of students participating in innovative entrepreneurship projects and competitions is increasing year by year. The reform of this achievement has achieved remarkable results and has the value of demonstration and promotion.


Practical teaching system, Output-oriented, Teaching management, Training program, Innovation and entrepreneurship, Employment